Will Shipley

Hi I'm Will, the founder of The Music Brewery, lover of all things Hip-Hop and football related. Always on the hunt for new tunes. International party animal.

185 Articles

Travis Welwood

Consultant for remuneration, adventurer by trade. I've got a passion for travel, culture, music and writing. Based in Dallas, TX, USA.

19 Articles

Sam Karam

Lebanese-born DJ and Producer with a side-passion for music journalism.

27 Articles

Sam Breddy

Hi I'm Sam, an Economics student at the university of Exeter. I like nothing more than discovering and discussing music, so let me know your thoughts!

25 Articles


Peter 'Sax House' Sullivan - a 4th year Accounting and Finance student at the University of Warwick, so bored with his degree that he'd rather keep y'all up to date on the latest in sexy (or saxy) house and classic rock

36 Articles

Liam Bryce

2 Articles

Jack McDermott

21 Articles

Jack Thomson

History grad, student journo and freelance sports reporter. Also dabble in music writing and sarcastic tweeting. (@jthomsonmedia)

3 Articles

Will Howes

21 Articles

Calum Woodger

I graduated with a first class honours degree in BA Media and Communication from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) (July 2015) and have continued my studies at GCU with MA Multimedia Journalism (2016/17). I currently work as a freelance journalist. My main work is in the Glasgow music industry with The Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMAs) and as an editor/writer for The Music Brewery. I also write a weekly football column in The Scotsman and a regular opinion column for St. Mirren fans website Black and White Army. Contact me at:

175 Articles

Barney Greenish

Contributor with a wide range of music and brewery-related interests. Always ready to hear something new and making the most of the fantastic, vibrant music scene in Bristol. Likes to party.

33 Articles

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