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Ready for Change?

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. Continue reading Ready for Change?

Show Some Love, Spread a Smile

My offering to you this week comes in the form of ‘EDX’s’ new remix of a popular tropical house track by up-and-comer ‘Sam Feldt’. The Dutchman, who is signed with the very well-respected Spinnin’ Records label, has had some successes through 2014 but it was today’s track, Show Me Love, which really kicked him into the stratosphere of house music. The song is itself a reimagining of the 90s dance classic, and it does a marvellous job of turning it into a smooth and melancholic house track.

However, to achieve its true tropical potential it required the touch of Swiss DJ EDX – using a tranquil xylophone melody coupled with some melancholic and jarring chord progressions, it really makes the song into a big summer track, conjuring images of calmness, beaches and sunny days spent with friends.


Clearly, this is a great song, and you really don’t need me to wax lyrical anymore about it to hear that for yourselves; just click the link below if you don’t believe me. However, the other reason that I’ve picked this song today is because of its central theme. Although to some this may appear a tad corny, the world we live in is increasingly dominated by a pervasive atmosphere of fear and repression. The most obvious example of this is the recent terrorist attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia – and the fear-mongering responses of many media outlets. This song came on whilst I was reading about the attacks, and it really struck me that the world could be one hell of a lot better if people would just do the most human thing possible and show each other (and themselves) a little love. You don’t need to be afraid, you don’t need to use violence, you don’t need to believe everything you’re told – but you do need to love one another, at least enough to respect one another. Judging a whole group based on the actions or traits of a select few is as close to idiocy as one can stray – much better, then, to love and respect the majority, and thus show up the minority for the pathetic tw*ts we all know they are.

Rant over – click on the link and spread a little love 😀

Pete x


Closer – Lemaitre ft. Jennie A

I’M finally back after my somewhat debaucherous leave of absence, and to make up for leaving you all without your succulent fill of house music, I’m serving you up an absolute banger today. Continue reading Closer – Lemaitre ft. Jennie A