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EP Review: Bigg Taj – Superstar Sardar EP

GLASGOW hip-hop star Bigg Taj has dropped his new EP Superstar Sardar – a smooth blend of US-influenced spoken word, reggae vibes, and infectious bhangra beats.

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Most Anticipated Sequels In Hip Hop

RECENTLY we learned that Run The Jewels aka Killer Mike and El-P are working RTJ3 which is huge news but that got me thinking about my most anticipated sequels in the hip hop music world. Continue reading Most Anticipated Sequels In Hip Hop

Jesse James Soloman Drops Some Visuals For ‘The Ride Home’ Giving Us A Trippy Tour Round Hamburg

JESSE James Soloman, one of if not my favourite artist around has dropped a new video to accompany the lead single ‘The Ride Home’ from his recent EP of the same name.

The video finds Jesse James wandering through Hamburg (where the song was also recorded months ago) reflecting on life and delving deep into his complicated thoughts.

Check out the amazing full EP now through the link and make sure you support Jesse by following him on Twitter now @Jesstafariah