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New music festival to boost Paisley

The Scottish Alternative Music Awards will take over the town next weekend

AFTER the disappointment of missing out on the 2021 UK City of Culture crown, Paisley is set for a boost in the form of a new live music event.

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Lost Village Festival Review

IF you were walking your dog through the Lincolnshire countryside at the end of May, you may well have come across the solitary figure of an old man digging graves in the distance, or a weeping girl stumbling through the woods in a discoloured wedding dress.

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Guest Post: SXSW Day-By-Day, Play-By-Play

by Caroline Hirko

OF all the music festivals in Austin, TX none compare to the frenzied mayhem that is South by Southwest. SXSW is a whirlwind romance. It’s what’s best about Austin and dating in general.  Just like any new relationship, year after year I think by now I’ve got the hang of it. Yet despite my best laid plans and ‘realistic’ expectations, SXSW can be over and underwhelming at the same time. Both highly rewarding and incredibly frustrating. It can destroy you if you don’t learn to just go with the flow and accept the experience for what it is.

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