The Weeknd – Often (Kygo Remix)

He can do no wrong, everything he touches is gold, these are just some of the phrases that come to mind when you hear Kygo’s new remix of The Weeknd’s tune “Often”.

Fresh off his new record deal with Sony Music Kygo has done it again with a storming remix, the current king of the chill house records is, as I have said before, on absolute fire. The original by The Weeknd is a already a very chill record with his usual, brilliantly haunting vocals and sexual lyrics. Kygo, however turns this from being good song into an absolute belter. It’s a slight step away from his signature sound, which in my opinion is good thing and works excellently! He speeds up the beat a little, adds some trappy snares and creates another classic hook that will be stuck in your head for days.

I think it’s safe to say that Kygo will be no flash in the pan, it’s only a matter of time until he really hits the big time and starts to get some serious global recognition. Now he has signed a deal with Sony I’m really excited and looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this brilliant artist and to hear some new original tracks!

Will S

Felix Jaehn’s Done It Again…

Well it would appear that the German-born 20 year old Felix Jaehn isn’t content to merely pump out one house bombshell this year, based on his recently released remix of ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

If you’re a fan of house music, or indeed if you have simply breezed through youtube this Summer, you’re likely to have heard Jaehn’s first major tropical house hit; ‘Shine’. His blend of ‘sunny’ and ‘techno’ house has been popularised recently by other artists, such as the well-respected Kygo. However, Jaehn brings something completely unique to the table in his recognition and isolation of fresh new songs to rework.

And, as aforementioned, he doesn’t seem to be content to rest on his laurels (good news for us house fans)! He has reworked British Jasmine Thompson’s already reworked version of Chaka Khan’s classic ‘Ain’t Nobody’, and in doing so created a truly chilled out, summer deep house vibe. Jasmine brings a new level of clarity to the lyrics, and Jaehn’s tropical style coupled with some expertly executed piano progressions has really created a house bombshell.

If he keeps going at this rate, expect huge things from this young artist in the coming months…




XXYYXX feat Vanessa Elisha – Unknown

Here we have something brand new for your hungry ears. 

XXYYXX within the last 36 hours has dropped a massive track from his anticipated (name still unknown) vinyl EP. 

Its instantly audible that XXYYXX has been experimenting with some new sounds, although this track tends to lean towards his classic lo-fi roots. Give this song a few listens it keep on getting better. ‘Unknown’ incorporates the vocals of Vanessa Elisha which draw us into the initial start of the track, coupled with XXYYXX’s 808 snare rolls we can tell its going to be special. Upon repeating the track a few times, we couldn’t help but think of Phaeleh, specially some of his more recent tracks such a’Here comes the Sun’ feature a similar style of vocals. ‘Unknown’ merges both soul, light trap creating something that is unique. We are monumentally excited for the release of the full EP. 

Have a listen to Plaeleh’s track ‘Here comes the Sun’ feat Soundmouse here.