XXYYXX feat Vanessa Elisha – Unknown

Here we have something brand new for your hungry ears. 

XXYYXX within the last 36 hours has dropped a massive track from his anticipated (name still unknown) vinyl EP. 

Its instantly audible that XXYYXX has been experimenting with some new sounds, although this track tends to lean towards his classic lo-fi roots. Give this song a few listens it keep on getting better. ‘Unknown’ incorporates the vocals of Vanessa Elisha which draw us into the initial start of the track, coupled with XXYYXX’s 808 snare rolls we can tell its going to be special. Upon repeating the track a few times, we couldn’t help but think of Phaeleh, specially some of his more recent tracks such a’Here comes the Sun’ feature a similar style of vocals. ‘Unknown’ merges both soul, light trap creating something that is unique. We are monumentally excited for the release of the full EP. 

Have a listen to Plaeleh’s track ‘Here comes the Sun’ feat Soundmouse here.

Vic Mensa – Wimme Nah

Another day, another new track and artist for everyone to discover! Today’s comes in the form of Vic Mensa and his new track Wimme Nah. For those who haven’t heard of Vic Mensa you’ve been missing out! A young artist from Chicago, and a frequent collaborator with fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper, has really been coming into his own recently. Over the past year or so starting with his tune Orange Soda he has been going from strength to strength. Some of you may know his house inspired tune Down On My Luck which actually managed to get number 37 in the UK charts. Following this success he rightfully gained a spot in the coveted XXL Freshman Class 2014, a great sign that he was really gaining some much deserved acclaim. 

Now with Wimme Nah I think he has struck gold again with an absolute anthem a perfect summer party hip hop tune! In the song he talks about how he feels Chicago is now truly and fully behind him “I got the city on my back, they wimme nah”. It’s safe to say Vic will soon be a star, so everyone get on it now!

Will S

Thought I’d include Down On My Luck as well

Jesse James Soloman- Jesse From the SE, The Future of UK Hip-Hop

The future of UK hip-hop may seem like a bold choice for the title given the relatively small amount of music Jesse James Soloman has released but bear with me, because I firmly believe this to be true. Earlier today an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from London dropped his new EP Jesse From the SE, this is of course from MC Jesse James Soloman. For those of you who don’t know Jesse is a young and extremely talented MC from London who is a long term collaborator with another one of my favourite young rappers Rejjie Snow. His word-play and flow are really top notch, with an ability to mix up his flow meaning his tunes are never dull, and all this accompanied by some amazing beats. So this brings me to the EP dropped today, it’s safe to say I had fairly high expectations when discovering this, and as I expected Jesse delivers on all counts.

It begins with JFSE that sets the tone for the EP with some chilled drums, some hazy synth and followed by Jesse’s signature laid back but engrossing flow. He quietly strolls through the song self-reflecting on the difficulties of not being truly at home unless able to step back and write. It’s also perhaps a reflection that he feels it is finally his time to grab what is his!

Lionel Jesse is the next track a darker beat and subject matter as he covers violence in the streets. The flow is altered here with faster paced, more aggressive rhymes being laid down on the track. Soon after Tides ft. Rejjie Snow appears, frequent collaborators, as I mentioned before, and again it doesn’t disappoint with some cracking boom bap drums. The two compliment each other perfectly with Rejjie’s classic deep raspy voice, the song is a treat for the ears! The final tune sleep tight has a very very chilled trap beat that finishes the EP on brilliant note, it fades out slowly after some more tight rhyming skills displayed by Jesse.

There is just one bad point I can find in this EP, is that it finishes! I love all four tracks on the EP and in my mind is clear indication that Jesse James Soloman will be one of the biggest UK hip-hop artists in years, I just hope he releases more music soon!!

Will S