Exclusive Stream: The Rising Souls – Roulette Roulette

The Edinburgh quartet are back with a prog-rock track that will blow your mind

THE Rising Souls will release their new single ‘Roulette Roulette’ at the capital’s The Liquid Rooms on Friday June 16.

The Music Brewery brings you an exclusive first listen below.

Once soul men known for their penchant for an acoustic guitar, the four-piece took a change of direction with 2016’s Set Me Free EP.

Drummer Reece Braid and guitarist Joe Catterson joined Dave Archibald (vocals/guitar) and Roy “Kelso” Laing (bass) for a dirty rock voyage.

Now with a new single the Souls have channelled their inner Led Zeppelin to produce three minutes of prog-rock magic.

Produced by Bruce Rintoul ‘Roulette Roulette’ opens with a
thunderous attack of feedback screeching, crashing drums and Wolfmother-esque riffs. Chunky, meaty and unapologetically raw.

Dave Archibald’s vocal is just as suited to soul croons as it is to wailing out a rock anthem like ‘Roulette Roulette’ and thankfully does not get lost in the melee.

An undercurrent of rhythm and blues flows throughout, but the over-riding feeling is that The Rising Souls have abandoned their roots for something altogether different.

The track races to a climax of thrashing hard rock with buckets of attitude that only serves to confirm The Rising Souls’ status as guitar heroes.

The Rising Souls are (L-R): Joe Catterson, Roy “Kelso” Laing, Dave Archibald and Reece Braid.

However, frontman Dave Archibald contends that there are no plans for The Rising Souls music to get any heavier than on ‘Roulette Roulette’.

Archibald said: “We moved on to the rock sound and it’s kind of progressed to a dirtier and darker path for our latest tracks. A kind of mash up of blues and hard rock really.

“The change of style has definitely changed my approach on writing melodies and how I go about structuring the vocals.

“It’s a new chapter for the band and it’s been good changing it up and experimenting with some new sounds and styles.”

Archibald revealed there are already plans in place to get back in the studio for The Rising Souls as they look forward to a hectic 2018.

He said: “We are currently in talks about a trip to America early next year so hopefully we can make that happen. Just got to keep playing shows and keeping busy. That’s what it’s all about for us.”

The Rising Souls will launch ‘Roulette Roulette’ at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh on Friday July 16. Get tickets here for £10.

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