Video: Stillhound Live @ King Tut’s

The Edinburgh electronic trio had the legendary venue jumping for the King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution Festival

STILLHOUND played alongside Kvasir, Ultras and Wuh Oh at the packed basement club earlier in January.

The three-piece played multiple tracks from their debut album, Bury Everything, including ‘Shy’‘Summer Nightmares’ and ‘Spring Conscious’.

Guitarist Laurie Corlett-Donald believes King Tut’s do a lot to support grassroots music at this time of year.

Laurie said: “In January it’s like the music scene is supposed to kind of stop so I think it’s really good that someone’s actually putting on an event to get people out and getting into music.

“I think for young bands playing it, it’s the kind of one you want to do. If you start the year like that, you feel like your year’s going to go up and up.”

Check out the best bits from Stillhound’s set at King Tut’s below.

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