Live: The Smyths @ O2 Islington 07/01/2017

THE Smyths, a world famous Smiths cover band who have performed at the likes of Glastonbury, provide a rocking performance at the O2 in Islington, making sure the Smiths will never fade away. I’ve never been a huge a fan of The Smiths but nor have I ever really given them a proper listen, but after witnessing the energy and atmosphere that world renowned Smiths cover band The Smyths, I’ve been converted. 

It’s not often you have a cover band that approaches the same level furore that their more famous counter parts receive, but after hearing that The Smyths were playing at the O2 a relative large venue for a cover band I was intrigued.

Walking into the venue I had no idea what to expect, the crowd was a mix of young and old from the edgy teens with multicoloured hair stood next to ageing couples in chinos, boat shoes and old woollen jumpers, a real eclectic mix.

The Smiths – “This Charming Man”

Moments later the band arrived on stage to rapturous applause, keen to take it all in I stood towards the back of the room hoping to soak it all in. After a fairly sedate opening half full of back catalogue songs for the die hard fans, the hits such as “This Charming Man” and “The Light That Never Goes Out” proved too much of a draw and we ventured to the front of the crowd. The energy was electric with lead singer Graham Sampson putting the type of performance that Morrisey would have been proud of, dancing and bobbing around transferring that energy into the crowd. “Panic” proved to be the real catalyst leading to mosh pits of middle aged men, something everyone who loves music has to see, and chants of “burn down the disco” and “hang the blessed DJ” really highlighting what I’ve been missing all these years.

The Smyths performing the classic “Panic”

As the evening drew to a close I couldn’t help but feel that The Smyths truly did the likes of Morrisey and Johnny Marr justice, keeping alive a certain type of music rarely witnessed these days full of raw emotion and relatable lyrics. Looking back I know this won’t be the last time I watch The Smyths live and would highly recommend anyone both young and old to try and catch them on the remainder of their Strangeways tour. Tickets are available here.

One thing is for sure The Smiths’ music is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago and The Smyths are doing everything they can to keep it alive for the next generation.

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