Album Review: Baby Strange – Want It Need It

Glasgow trio set to release much-anticipated debut

IT HAS been a while in coming, but tomorrow Glasgow indie rockers Baby Strange will release their debut album Want It Need It on Ignition Records.

The band, who share their name with a T. Rex track from 1972 album The Slider, have had fans on tenterhooks since their initial releases ‘Friend’ and ‘Pure Evil’ (2013). After three years of incessant gigging and writing: the singles will feature on Baby Strange’s maiden record alongside 8 others.

Some have said that Baby Strange missed the indie-punk crossover boat that many of their contemporaries caught, such as Slaves and Palma Violets. However, Want It Need It proves that building up a fanbase and network ahead of the album launch was a wise decision.

Baby Strange design their own album artwork.
Baby Strange design their own album artwork.

Generation bemoaning belter ‘Pure Evil’ kicks the album off plenty of swagger. Chugging bass, brooding vocals from frontman Johnny Madden, and cymbal heavy drums make ‘Pure Evil’ an indie rock stormer, with the potential to be a classic.

‘Nude’ is loud, brash and full of energy – exactly what we’ve come to expect of Baby Strange. ‘Pleasure City’ helps to develop the main theme of Want It Need It, the debauchery of Glasgow nightlife. One song that explicitly explores this theme is the sultry ‘VVV’. It’s a dark and seedy with a repetitive chorus: “she just violates me, violates me, violates me.”

‘California Sun’ and ‘Friend’ are pure escapism with Madden’s lyrics looking formerly at the longing for the exotic, happy, sun drenched life in Cali and ‘Friend’ – a raucous rebellion anthem.

Baby Strange prove they can have a catchy pop side later in the record with head-nodding, toe-tapping tune ‘Trouble’. Well known to fans ‘Distance Yourself’ is twisted, dark and will sound awesome live when Madden and co. start touring again.

‘Human’ and ‘Want It Need It’ are absolutely rapid and hint that more punk crackers are to follow from Baby Strange. Madden’s vocals on ‘Want It Need It’ are relentless and aggressive, leaving you longing for more.

The only real criticism of Want It Need It is that the remastered versions of ‘Pure Evil’ and ‘Friend’ don’t have the same Lo-Fi, raw quality of their predecessors, but do sound smooth as part of the album.

Undoubtedly Baby Strange have released one of the best albums to come out of Glasgow in 2016. Loud, abrasive, and full of fantastic singles, the boys are most certainly back in the game.


Want It Need It will be launched tomorrow at HMV, Glasgow.

Listen to the full album below now, or head along to The Priory Bar on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow tonight for the listening party.


For more check out Baby Strange on Facebook.

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