EP Review: Steve Grozier – Take My Leave

Glasgow singer-songwriter Steve Grozier is set to release his new EP in early September

THE country influenced artist will release Take My Leave on Friday 2nd September following a launch gig at The Hug and Pint.

Produced and mixed by Andrew Graham at La Chunky studios in Glasgow, Take My Leave is a four-track EP that combines the best of country melodies and soulful harmonies with heartfelt Americana vocals. Very much similar to the likes of Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne.

Opening gambit ‘Drink Before Dawn’ is steeped in nostalgia with Grozier’s lyrics harking back to good and sad times spent with friends. The former Low Winter Sun man has a lovely texture to his voice that purrs perfectly in time to the guitars and drums performed by members of Anton & The Colts (John Dunlop, Dillon Haldane and Roscoe Wilson).

Grozier’s EP launch will take place at The Hug and Pint, Friday 2nd September

‘Porcelain Hearts’ is a dark, brooding and twisted love song that captivates from the first twang of guitar. The instrumentation has a distinct Anton & The Colts feeling about it. However, it must be mentioned that the material on Take My Leave is all original and dates back over 10 years to a time when Grozier was living in Canada. Naturally, all the tracks sound very reminiscent and reflective, but still raw and emotional.

Title track ‘Take My Leave’ is one of the more spritely and uplifting songs on the EP, but continues the themes of nostalgia and looking back. Again the instrumentation is tight, and vocals haunting and pure. The image of barrenness created by ‘Take My Leave’ is very powerful, leaving you with the feeling that Grozier believes something is missing in his life. Overall, the song feels poignant and possesses an aura that you just cannot put your finger on.

Take My Leave ends on a brighter note, not of happiness, but of acceptance with ‘Ringing Of The Bells’. Grozier sounds at peace, and as the EP ends, that he is moving on to a new chapter in his life. The bending guitar notes and pain-tinged vocals add depth to the track and leave a lasting impression on the listener.

Grozier and co have done a superb job breathing life into old songs, capturing their original essence on record, with the only criticism being that the EP is a little one-dimensional and could do with a change of pace at times.


Steve Grozier is set to launch Take My Leave on Bat Cat Records at The Hug and Pint on Thursday 1st September. The EP will be available to buy on the 2nd.

For more info visit www.stevegroziermusic.com

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