Album Review: The Twistettes – Jilt The Jive

DIY duo The Twistettes have released their eagerly anticipated debut album Jilt The Jive on Traffic Cone Records.

THE noise rock two piece, who are Jo and Nicky D’Arc, have added to singles ‘I Think Not’‘The Line’, and ‘Suck It! Fake It!’ and created a gloriously grungey 24 and a half minute record.

‘I Think Not’ provides a strong opener that sets the fast-paced, distorted tone that is laced throughout Jilt The Jive. Jo D’Arc’s punk velvet vocal is enticing as she wails over Nickt D’Arc’s crashing drums.

Continuing with a Nirvana-like moodiness from the Bleach era, Jo D’Arc proves she can stand alongside the likes of Janine Shilstone and Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale as an elite female vocalist in Scotland.

Remnants of Slaves debut, Are You Satisfied, are evident on stand-out track ‘On The Radio’, with the use of distorted guitars and CRUNCHING bass creating a fast paced, yet melodic, punk track.

The Twistettes (L-R) are Nicky D'Arc and Jo D'Arc.
The Twistettes (L-R) are Nicky D’Arc (backing vocals, drums) and Jo D’Arc (lead vocals, bass).

‘Unrest Undressed’ adopts a more jagged edge, with almost staccato like changes of pace throughout.  Another name, PJ Harvey, pops up in my head as I listen to D’Arc scream “In your hands I’m making plans, you’ll take it won’t you, take a can of Red Stripe poured out, just right, tonight, just right, tonight!”

The album labours slightly mid-way through as it becomes a little repetitive and hard to differentiate between tracks. However, it is a punk album after all and that is to be expected.

‘Suck It! Fake It!’ redeems the album as D’Arc continues to impress as she roars with confidence in her strong Glaswegian tongue “I’m a slut, I’m a tease, I’m a whore.” Noise and distortion litter this track, and the whole album: a treat to listen to on a good set of cans.

‘Lampost Light’ provides rest bite from the thrashing guitars, as The Twistettes don their indie thinking caps. D’Arc vocals are dreamy as the grunge ethos continues in the rhythm and bass.

The echoing harmonies on foot-stomping track ‘Insignificant’ work a treat, as the album closes on the aptly named ‘Is This It?’ just as you’re ready for more after 24 minutes of punk pleasure.

Credit must go to The Twistettes and producer Robbie Gunn for creating an LP which captures the band’s rampaging live energy in a quality sounding record. Raw, emotional, fun, and important, Jilt The Jive is a gem of a debut that combines rabble rouser and riot grrrl into one cathartic package.


Jilt the Jive will be released on Traffic Cone Records on Saturday April 23rd 2016 with an album launch at Nice N Sleazy’s, Glasgow. Expect support from Girobabies and very special guests. Plus a Yellow Movement Club Night afterwards.

Like what you hear? Pre-order Jilt The Jive  from as little as £8 here.

More info here.

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