Live: Anton & The Colts @ Broadcast, Glasgow, 31/03/16

SAUCHIEHALL Street’s Broadcast was treated to an intoxicating night of sweet Americana as Anton & The Colts headlined a makeshift line-up.

Late replacements Gary Johnstone and Widdy Bond performed admirably, given they had little time to prepare, as Graeme Quinn & The Graeme Quintet and Mark Copeland had to cancel under difficult circumstances.

Johnstone, playing acoustically, opened proceedings with his gruff blues/country tones. Part of the much revered Glasgow blues trio Three Card Trick, Johnstone is currently embarking on some solo work under the name The Gary Johnstone Band. The singer/songwriter played tracks such as debut single ‘Can’t Stop Lovin’ You’‘First Love’, and ‘Sober’ and warmed things up nicely for the next act.

Gary Johnstone opened the night.

Widdy Bond was up next, deputising for his bandmates in The Graeme Quintet. Bond was very entertaining as a talented musician in his own right, but also with his comedic tales about his girlfriend’s colt Clyde and his ‘absent mother’ that had his audience in bits. The soft rock singer-songwriter played some of his own tracks such as ‘Captivated’ and mixed in lovely covers of Ryan Adams’ ‘Gimme Something Good’ and ‘Fall At Your Feet’ by Crowded House.

Widdy Bond entertained with more than just his music.
Widdy Bond entertained with more than just his music.

Headliners Anton & The Colts announced their comeback to the Glasgow gigging circuit with a combination of rocky new tracks and old bluesy gems.

The set opener was a new track entitled ‘The Rapture’. Lead singer Anton O’Donnell’s voice came across as gravelly and fired-up as ever, with the band adopting a much cleaner and tighter sound since the last time I saw them perform.  ‘My Sister Cocaine’ was a familiar favourite for fans of the 6:45 & 450 Down EP,  as was the anthemic regular live track ‘Turn Out The Light’.

Anton & The Colts brought a harder edge to their live performance since their last release.
Anton & The Colts have brought a harder edge to their live performances since their last release.

The honky tonk brilliance of ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ was a highlight as Rosscoe Wilson’s guitar skills shone alongside the toe-tapping harmonica laden power exuding from O’Donnell.

Anton & The Colts did not disappoint and very rarely do. If you get a chance, get yourself down to see them before it starts to cost you a lot more! Their ace combination of rock swagger, blues groove, and the rough and tumble of americana is one few Scottish bands can match.

New live tracks from The Colts ultimately means we should have some new music from them by the time 2017 comes around. Stay tuned, but in the meantime enjoy ‘My Sister Cocaine’.

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