Yeezer?! Weezer and Kanye West Mashup Album…And It’s Quite Good

OVER the years we have seen some surprisingly incredible mashup albums, Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z & The Beatles, Wu Tang Clan & Jimi Hendrix, and now we can add a Kanye West & Weezer album to that list. A couple of days ago Ohio State University student Alex Hodowanec released out of nowhere a project he says he’s been working on on and off for 3 years, a mashup album combining the best of legendary band Weezer and the man who constantly divides opinion Kanye West. The result is actually quite astounding and strangely really good. The back catalogue of Weezer and some of Kanye’s biggest hits are mashed together to create something entirely weird and wonderful. Kicking off with ‘Through The Hills’ combining Weezer’s smash hit ‘Beverly Hills’ with Kanye’s legendary ‘Through The Wire’. Listen to the full project below and check out the track-list as well to discover what new concoctions have been cooked up.

0:00 Through The Hills
3:10 Back To Nothing
6:34 The Girl Got BLKKK
9:37 Bound 2 Smile
13:23 American Island ft. Estelle
17:30 The G.O.O.D. Life ft. T-Pain [INTERLUDE]
19:12 Barry Jamb ft. Lil Wayne
21:35 The Buddy Holly Workout Plan
26:02 (And They) Say It Ain’t So
30:37 Perfect Homecoming

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