Whisperer – ‘1709’

TODAY we bring you some more of Australia’s finest up and coming talents in Connor Grant aka Whisperer who has recently released his latest single ‘1709’ in support of his upcoming self titled debut EP coming out this Autumn.

Australia, much like Scotland at the moment, seems to be bursting at the seems with talented artists ready to erupt onto the world stage of music. Whisperer is no different with his increasingly popular brand of dream pop starting to make some real waves in the musical world and ‘1709’ encapsulates precisely why there is such buzz surrounding this talented Aussie.

Stripped back, atmospheric production, layered echoing guitars and light yet engaging percussion allow Whisperer to lay down some mesmerising vocals. Those vocals steal the show in ‘1709’ building emotional tension throughout giving us a real intimate sense of who Whisperer is. In his own words:

“1709 was written in reflection of a destructive period of my life. I really wanted to convey the tension and emotion that I felt during that time. Traditionally, I would rely on the instrumentation to build dynamics, but with this track I wanted the vocal melodies and harmonies to be responsible for the dynamic changes”

‘1709’ is the latest single by Whisperer from his upcoming Whisperer EP due out at some point in the not too distant future so make sure you keep up to date by checking back with us here and to support Whisperer by following him here:



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