Introducing Crave Moore…

I’VE been fucking with Crave Moore for a long time now, I first heard him dropping bars alongside two of my favourite artists Rejjie Snow and Jesse James Soloman on the tune ‘Meddling Loops’ instantly I was hooked.

The up and comer from London drew me in instantly with clever wordplay, flow and excellent beats that had me literally craving more (had to do it) and then shortly afterwards I heard another couple of tunes ‘Trashy’ once again featuring partner in crime Jesse James Soloman, and ‘SAMMO’. I knew I was listening something special but for the following few years I didn’t come across anything more from an artist I was desperate to hear more from.

That was until last week while I was trawling through SoundCloud bumping to Jesse James Soloman’s The Ride Home EP and skimming through the related songs, I stumbled across a couple of songs ‘ Strawberry Mirinda’ and ‘Mission To The Moon’ two tracks that instantly confirmed that verses on ‘Trashy’ and ‘Meddling Loops’ weren’t flukes.

‘Mission To The Moon’ highlights everything that’s great about Crave Moore, the Dilla type production and introspective rhymes.

Clever, witty wordplay alongside a level of awareness far beyond his age all are hallmarks of what makes Crave Moore such an exciting talent. Not only is Crave Moore lyrically excellent his beat selection is always on point, usually employing beats that are somewhere between J Dilla and College Dropout era Kanye.

All we can hope now is that we get a full EP sometime soon to keep up the momentum that the UK wordsmith scene is building. Support Crave Moore now by following the man on  Twitter @CRAVEMOORE

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