Ready for Change?

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.

THE famous George Bernard Shaw once uttered this phrase, replete as it is with wisdom and challenge. This time of the year will, for many of you reading this, represent a time of change – moving to secondary school, university, or into a new job. Change, in my experience is big and scary, and often forces one of two reactions; to change (as Shaw suggests) or to resist. Whichever you go for, and whatever happens, just bear in mind that it’s never too late to change, and things are eminently fixable.


The song that I’ve picked this week comes from talented US producers Veorra and is their appropriately named dance track ‘Change’. This song, on their new album Sapphire is an exceptional piece of work, treading the difficult line between emotionally evocative and fun to listen to. The chorus, with the beautifully melodic lyrics, takes a minimalist approach, really highlighting what’s being said and encouraging the listener to engage. The bridge that then follows segways nicely into the more dance-like element of the track, which heavy electronic beats and a nice quick-paced drum beat.

All in all, this song is a winner for me, and something that perfectly encapsulates the change occurring all around us at the moment, whether it be moving on to newer pastures, or simply the inexorable demise of summer for another year. But just listen to the song, and remember that it’s ok to be all that you can be – change is just a part of life.

Pete x

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