Sister-Duo CocoRosie Reveal 3 Tracks from up-coming Album ‘Heartache City’

EXPERIMENTAL, duo CocoRoise is formed of sisters Biacanca ‘Coco’ and Sierra ‘Rosie’ Casady. Since forming in 2003, their music has combined many genres such as; hip-hop, blues and pop to create a sound that has been described as ‘freak folk’.

Not only are they perfectly balanced vocally; their dynamic voices complimenting each other exquisitely, allowing one voice after another to ooze their bewitching libretto, their music also audibly creates different depths with their skilled musical experimentation with various instruments. Guitar, piano, harp, percussion and the manipulation of children’s toys are just some of the instruments that the sisters use to create the ‘freak folk’ disposition.

Three live tracks have already been released from the anticipated 6th album from Cocorosie Heartache City. ‘Lost Girls’, ‘Heartache City’ and ‘Uno Beso’ can all be listened to in live format, which was recorded in Milan on the second day of Cocorosie’s European summer festival. Heartache City’s full track list has now been announced and the full album is due to be released on September 18th 2015.

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