Beach House Stream Two New Singles Via “Single Finder”

‘PPP’ and ‘Beyond Love’, the new singles from Beach House’s forthcoming LP Depression Cherry are available via a “Single Finder” tool on the band’s website.  After clicking on the Single Finder link, select your three favourite tracks from their previous releases and either ‘PPP’, ‘Beyond Love’ or the previously released ‘Sparks’ will be played, based on your choices.

“Setlist Creator”, another tool featured on their site can be used by fans to request three songs they’d like to hear at any of their upcoming gigs. Explaining the ins and out of it, they posted to Facebook saying:

“While on tour, we change our setlist every night and certain songs get played only a few times per tour. This device will allow us to know if there is a large number of people wanting to hear a certain song in any one place. It’s not that we will definitely follow it, but it will certainly influence our set lists…… maybe 50 people in milwaukee want to hear a song we made 10 years ago?!?!”

Head to the Single Finder page to hear the singles.

Listen to the first single ‘Sparks’:

Depression Cherry will be released August 28th via Sub Pop

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