Instrumental Scottish Rock Band, A Sudden Burst Of Colour Share New Single ‘The Fall’

INSTRUMENTAL rockers Luke Duncan , Callum Brand, Liam Shaw and Calum Farquharson aka A Sudden Burst Of Colour hailing from Dundee, Scotland have recently shared with us their new single ‘The Fall’.

It’s not often that I find myself listening to instrumental rock music, usually I don’t find it particularly engaging and often I feel they’re just lacking vocals to really make a song jump out to me, but with A Sudden Burst Of Colour something is different. From the second I started listening to ‘The Fall’ it felt epic, I was completely engrossed by the sonic journey I was being taken on, the guitar riffs slalom between wavey distant sounds into clean clear riffs that keep you entertained throughout while the drums provide the perfect platform on which to do so. The video is a perfect compliment combining footage of travelling around the countryside with gig footage feels totally appropriate and really gives you a sense of A Sudden Burst Of Colour. Check the video for ‘The Fall’ the new single from A Sudden Burst Of Colour below and make sure you support the band by buying the song from Bandcamp!

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