Undiscovered: Jeff Michaels, Bringing Back Feel Good Rock

JEFF Michaels may not be a household name that you instantly recognise, but if you’re a part of the MTV generation it’s more than likely that you’ve heard his music at some point. The experienced rocker hailing from Boston, USA is known for his thought-provoking yet humorous lyrics in which he dissects everything from daily life to equal rights and to tragic terrorist attack on the Boston marathon. 

Despite his lack of international recognition, Jeff Michaels has already had a blistering career that most artists would be jealous of. Having had his music featured on TV shows such as “The Real World”, “Teen Mom” and the “T.O. Show”, not only has his solo music been featured in the entertainment world, his previous band Luce had songs featured in major motion pictures such as “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” (great film R.I.P. Heath) and “13 Going On 30”. His blend of feel good indie rock is becoming the perfect soundtrack for the summer.

Recently Jeff Michaels released his new album Townie Paradise, an album that perfectly summarises his style somewhat in the same vain as REM. Nowhere is this style more evident than in Jeff Michaels’ song ‘Top Of The World’ a groovy piano driven love ballad.

Check out Jeff Michaels new album Townie Paradise here, get refreshed by the feel good REM style of rock that has been sorely missed in the musical world until now!

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