Album Review: The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It

The five-piece London outfit had first released their debut album in 2007, and Colour It In had housed some song great tracks such as First Love and Toothpaste Kisses which would forever be in the memory of lovestruck teenage boys. Their post-punk influences contrasted with the soothing and at times falsetto vocals of frontman Orlando Weeks. Around the time of their third album, Given To The Wild, they had changed their style and gone a bit more electronic, having a more atmospheric and ethereal surrounding in the music.

Many fans seemed disappointed by this direction, and it seems the band has taken liberty to readjust their musical focus. This album, now their fourth, takes a step back and adheres to the more authentic alt-rock aesthetic they thrived in. The opening track, drenched in pacy drums, is the perfect reintroduction to their old sounds. Some of the traits that stood out on Given To The Wild are still present, but its evident that the band is evolving their sound and slowly moulding into their sweet spot. They can still churn out an anthem in the form of ‘Something Like Happiness’, but the order of tracks feels less uniform and has more variation in styles across the 40 minutes. That being said, the band has lots to offer musically and lyrically, and they’ve still got a few more strong albums in them.

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