JOYRYDE – ‘Speed Trap’ Pure Swurve House Magic

ITS 4am you’re dipping, contemplating whether its time to call it a night and head off home, but waaaait something’s happening some pure filthiness has just poured out the speakers, that filthy bass is JOYRYDE’s new banger ‘Speed Trap’. Just keep rolling.

JOYRYDE is an up and coming producer from Epsom, UK who is redefining what house should be. His brand of in your face, bass heavy dubby house is exactly what’s needed for a scene that has been going slightly stale as of late. Blending classic house elements, super heavy bass and trap elements its clear JOYRYDE means business bringing back a pumped energy into a genre that has become all too safe in recent times. Nowhere is this more evident than in brand new banger ‘Speed Trap’ a combination of all the above wrapped into a massive concoction that is guaranteed to get people shuffling and two stepping the night away.

Stick with us to get all the latest on this hugely talented producer, JOYRYDE.

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