Alice Glass Releases First Solo Track ‘Still Birth’

CANADIAN singer, Alice Glass, who is most well known for her lead vocals in alternative electronic duo Crystal Castles, has released her first solo song ‘Still Birth’.

Musically her new track is still somewhat similar to her previous work in Crystal Castles – angry vocals, experimental electronic synths and distorted mechanics. Lyrically, there seems to be further meaning to her enraged acoustics, as she shrieks the vocals ‘I want to start again’ repeatedly, its as if she is marking her fresh start to her music, not only to fans, but also to former band mate Ethan Kath. After Glass left Crystal Castles last year, she had a brief discord with former band member Kath and spoke openly of how she ‘had spent years and years trying to remove herself from an abusive relationship’. She does not publicly name him or Crystal Castles however the track is seemingly an account of their relationship.

Glass is donating all proceeds from digital purchases of ‘Still Birth’ to organisations that help survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

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