MIKISPEAKZ – ‘Parasite$’, A 15 Year Old Rapper From The UK With A Big Future

THE world of hip-hop is a difficult nut to crack at the best of times not least when you’re only 15 years old, but that is exactly what MIKISPEAKZ is trying to do. An extremely talented 15 year old MC hailing from south London, MIKISPEAKZ has shown enough potential in debut single ‘Parasite$’ to suggest that he is going to have a big future ahead of him. 

MIKISPEAKZ is a wordsmith of an MC who joins the likes of Loyle Carner, Jesse James and Bxnjamin in the rapidly rising UK hip hop scene inspired by the US Golden Age of hip hop. ‘Parasite$’ MIKISPEAKZ’ debut single is simply immense for someone of his age, spitting bar after bar with a relaxed flow and effortlessness that you would expect from a veteran of the game not a complete newcomer.


Not only is MIKISPEAKZ able to drop bars with complete ease, he is also capable of whipping up a decent hook that keeps you engaged all the way through ‘Parasite$’, an area which so many MCs struggle to deal with throughout their careers. Not only are the bars on point throughout ‘Parasite$’ the production, from star in the making JGB Beats, is stunning. Boom bap drums combine with some muted and distorted piano synths to create a hypnotically excellent sonic landscape for MIKISPEAKZ to rhyme over.

Despite his young age MIKISPEAKZ looks like he could have a massive future, whether he will follow in the footsteps of Earl Sweatshirt or Nas remains to be seen but one things for sure I cannot wait to hear what else MIKISPEAKZ has in store for us!

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