Kamandi Drops Stunning New Visuals For ‘Martyrs’

TYRONE Frost aka Kamandi the up and coming electronic producer from Christchurch, New Zealand who has been dropping epic music such as ‘Love, Drugs & Young Thug’ and ‘Smoke Club’, has just released a new video for his amazing tune ‘Martyrs’.

‘Martyrs’ was originally released through SoundCloud around a month ago to great acclaim reaching nearly 200,000 plays in just a matter of weeks, has been given the visual treatment and what a treatment it is. Directed by Phoebe Gittins and Arty Papageorgiou, Kamandi’s ‘Martyrs’ features a small time “faith healer” preaching to his cult-like congregation and eventually getting his comeuppance to his conman ways. I have to say I was fully engrossed with the video from start to finish, not something I would say happens all that often these days where artists seem to put less and less effort into music videos. Hilariously dark having seemingly conned his way through his congregation with over-the-top antics, the “healer” ends up chowing down on some chicken (conning is after all tiresome work) only to start choking on a bone while the congregation look on with utter glee as they believe its more of the Lord’s work passing through him.

Sonically ‘Martyrs’ brings trap snares, electro synths and hauntingly distorted high pitch vocals, all of which not only create a great tune to vibe to but also add a layer of intensity to the video. When asked about the video project Kamandi says “The word Martyr usually infers a saint or a heroic type figure, so I thought it would be fun to mess with that concept a bit. Arty and Phoebe took the idea and ran with it”.

With a US tour and a new EP on the way we cannot wait to see what else Kamandi has in store for us, but whatever it is we’re sure its gonna be boss.

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