The Remix Lounge #2: Featuring Skepta, Alison Wonderland, UV Boi and more

WELCOME to another week of The Remix Lounge where I take you through a few of my favourite remixes of present. This week we have some quite experimental production from the likes of Slander and UV Boi فوق بنفسجي along with a cheeky grime dubplate of That’s Not Me and more. Hope you enjoy.

Ella Eyre – We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (WHIPPED CREAM Remix)

The first time I heard this song was when my sister discovered it earlier in the week and was repeatedly playing it on repeat. Despite being initially frustrating (as are all things that younger siblings do), this song grew on me quickly and before I knew it I was loving it. WHIPPED CREAM has turn this piano accompanied pop track into a drum and bass banger which I will be playing at every summer party this year.


Skepta’s ‘That’s not me’ was by far one of the biggest tracks of last year and is definitely one of my favourites, but Flat White and Benji B have produced an interesting take to the massive grime anthem. The backing track is completely different, with no eskibeat and a lack of aggression it still manages to come across as dark and menacing. On top of this, the song has entirely new verses, so if you’re a big fan of Skepta, I definitely recommend this.

Alison Wonderland – U Don’t Know (Slander Remix)

This track is an interesting one. Slander put this track into the genre ‘Heaven Trap’ and it is easy to tell why. The celestial strings accompanied by echoing cymbals create an aura of anticipation as if you were awaiting judgement at the holy gates. The godly, ambient synths and drum patterns are a powerful combination that will leave you bobbing along. Slander has managed to give this already unique track an even more unique spin.

Major Lazer – Be Together (Daktyl Remix)

Another week, another Major Lazer tune. Being one of the biggest names in EDM remixes of their music are constantly being attempted. Daktyl has managed to contain the essence of the original by utilizing Wild Belle’s vocals while still managing to switch genre. The drop itself is unexpected and breaks down the song into what feels like separate parts.

Hatch – New Direction (UV Boi فوق بنفسجي Remix)

Hatch is an up and coming future bass producer with a soothing vocals. His track New Direction has been remixed by the god of alternative production, UV Boi فوق بنفسجي. He has always managed to take in songs and churn out something completely different. Although there are obvious similarities that can be drawn between the two, mainly the vocals, the production has a whole new trappy, experimental and futuristic character to it, which is signature of UV Boi فوق بنفسجي.

That is all for this week, hopefully you have found something you like and will come back next week begging for more. See you all at the same time next week.

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