Toro Y Moi Drop Electro Trap Banger ‘room for 1zone’

TORO Y Moi aka Chazwick Bundick recently uploaded a new track to his SoundCloud account, ‘room for 1zone’ and while it’s a departure from his regular chillwave indie style it is still an absolutely top tune.

‘room for 1zone’ is a completely different direction for Chaz and doesn’t quite seem to fit with either his Toro Y Moi project or Les Sins, however what he has cooked up is an electronic trap banger that I hope gets a few remixes. Classic trap snares combine with distorted synths and some heavily distorted vocals to create a perfect underground beat. I hope we hear more of this style from Toro Y Moi in the future its a different move for him and I love it. Give it a listen and watch the incredibly strange video featuring a man grabbing his crotch in front of a Prada store, interesting stuff.

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