Krafty Kuts Redbull Thre3Style Championship Mixtape!

RENOWNED wizard of the decks Krafty Kuts has recently released a superb mixtape for Redbull’s worldwide turntable championships ‘Thre3Style’. He was a judge at last year’s finals in Baku, Azerbaijan, and the quality of the competition and co-judges (including scratch legend DJ Jazzy Jeff) inspired the creation of a third instalment in a brilliant series of podcasts. The first two, which demonstrate the importance of hip-hop as an influence on the artist, have been eagerly featured on TMB before.

The competition requires the inclusion of three styles of music in any entries to the competition. Followers of the accomplished producer from Brighton will already be aware of his dexterous command of a large array of genres, but may still be surprised at the audacity of some of the bands sampled. ACDC and Beck feature alongside Biggie and Sub Focus, with as many music styles as possible squeezed in to a 45 minute production. There is something to cater for every taste…

Both versions, with and without Krafty’s interviews that have become a feature of the podcast series, are available for free download from Soundcloud and iTunes.

This year’s competition:

National champions are decided throughout the year and, come September, will fly to Tokyo as contenders for the sixth Red Bull Thre3style World Finals. Some pedigree finalists that will have already received their invitations for this year’s finals include Munich native Dan Gerous for Germany (obviously) and J. Espinoza representing the United States. Check out here for more info on what will undoubtedly be one of the most important dates in any turntablist’s calendar.

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