World Music Wednesday: ‘Shine’ The Cool Quest

THE Music Brewery presents our first ever World Music Wednesday, a feature designed to bring you the best music from around the world, from Nigeria to Iceland, we aim to bring some culture to the world of music and expose everyone to some proper world music. This week we bring you an offering from the Netherlands where our guest writer the Dutchman, Jelmer Van Der Ende is reporting from.  

I am proud to present a new feature, the World Music Wednesday. To kick it off I got a world class tune, Shine by The Cool Quest. They are a Dutch band from Zwolle, their songs are characterized by soulful jazz and funky hip hop. The Cool Quest have released their debut album, Funkin Badass in 2014 and are already playing in big festivals in the Netherlands. They have been named the Soul and Jazz talent of the Netherlands for this first album and we expect many great things from them. For me the highlight of their new album was the song called ‘Shine’. The saxophone is absolutely brilliant as well as the funky lyrics. It is a mixture of hiphop, jazz, funkyness and its just a chill song.

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