The Remix Lounge #1: Jack Ü, Tove Lo, The XX, Major Lazer and t.A.T.u [FREE DOWNLOADS]

WELCOME to a new weekly feature on The Music Brewery, The Remix Lounge, where I will be taking you through a few of the remixes which I have taken a liking to this week. They may not always be brand new or well known, but in my eyes deserve being shared with all of you lovely people. I hope you enjoy.

Jack Ü feat. Ember Island – Where Are Ü Now (Papermind Remix)

Starting off with something a little easy on the ears we have a remix of Ember Island’s cover of ‘Where Are Ü Now’ from Jack Ü. Since the release of the original track with Justin Bieber, there have been a plethora of remix’s attempting to make it their own with out losing the original essence, but none have managed to do so like Papermind. Although this isn’t a direct remix of the initial release, this beautiful track may best it in my books.

Tove Lo – Talking Body (TH The Grëat Remix)

Next up we have a high-energy, liquid trap rework of Swedish synthpop artist’s, Tove Lo, ‘Talking Body’. There a number of different elements and styles implemented into this futuristic track and her strong vocals pair up incredibly well with the high impact synths. There is an interesting build up through out the track ending in an intense, semi-chop ‘n’ screwed, almost big room outro followed by soothing piano. Tove Lo has always been a great target for remixes and this is no different.

The XX – Intro (KO Remix)

The XX’s ‘Intro’ is probably one of the most overused track in the whole history of music, but this neat, short chill trap remix seems to stand out to me. Still maintaining the original elements, Kayoh add’s their own spin creating the sort of track you’d expect to hear at closing time to send you off home.

Major Lazer – Too Original (MEMBA REMIX)

This remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Too Original’ is chaotic and exciting. Personally, I believe that this trappy African anthem surpasses the original by far, purely for the 30 seconds of build up before the drop. There is something about brief pauses in music before a drop which adds extra kick to the song, and MEMBA has done this well. After only releasing a few tracks on soundcloud, I am looking forward to more from them.

t.A.T.u – All The Things She Said (Rusty Hook Flip)

When I discovered this song I figuratively lost my shit. I’m sure everybody remembers the original released in 2002 by the Russian duo t.A.T.u and what an absolute banger it was. As of this week, Rusty Hook, an up and coming trap producer from France has created a perfect, future bass rework. There isn’t much I can say about this to justify how amazing it is, but I implore you to check out his Soundcloud for his other work especially his own track, ‘Holla At Me.

Thanks for reading and listening guys. Make sure you come back next week for another set of remixes as I will be looking forward to seeing you 😉


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