Have You Heard Claude Vonstroke’s Official Rihanna Remix?

IT has been almost 10 years since Claude Vonstroke released The Whistler/Who’s Afraid Of Detroit, the record that would catapult him to where he is now – an in-demand curator, label head-honcho and masterful producer.

The success of his Dirtybird label is seen in its popularity around the world, and especially in the United States, where the label is based. The label has a very distinct signature sound, which has now infected a recent hit song from none other than Rihanna entitled ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’.

Despite not being much different to his older songs, this remix does not disappoint the Vonstroke faithful. Subscribers to Dirtybird on the drip.fm platform are treated to a dub remix which, as Claude himself says, DJs could play “without sounding like you are playing at a pool party in Vegas”.

This comes right on the back of a new EP on his label as well as a collaboration with the Play It Down label-head, Jesse Rose. It’s safe to say Claude is at the peak of his game at the moment and isn’t stopping any time soon.

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