Live: Dirty Sally @ King Tut’s, Glasgow, 21/05/2015

CIRCUIT veterans Dirty Sally played a special show in front of the cameras on Thursday night at King Tut’s.

The Johnstone alt-rock three piece, who are Mark McMillan (lead vocals, guitar), Scott (bass, vocals) and Jamie (drums, vocals), have been playing together for the best part of ten years.

The unsigned trio enlisted the help of a local film crew (including myself) to record their performance of latest single ’24’.

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As a part of a line-up which included Spanish-Scot rockers Royal Renegades, headliners Dizzy on Broadway, and indie four-piece Who Stares At Satellites, Dirty Sally impressed with their Biffy-esque rampant rock.

Electric riffs and tight rhythm and bass sections allowed them to stand out, loud, bold and engaging.

In a short half hour set, with the lights glaring and cameras staring, Dirty Sally played tracks such as the aformentioned ’24’ as well as ‘The October Sky’ from their latest EP of the same name.

Stay posted for the new video of ’24’ which is sure to see some coverage on The Music Brewery.

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