EP Review: Nicolas Jaar – Nymphs II

NICOLAS Jaar has released his first solo EP, the two tracked Nymphs II, after years of focusing on his Darkside collaboration as well as running the Other People label among other projects.

Though it’s still got the same texture that characterised his most popular works, the first track invites listeners to a new sound adopted by Jaar.

The blossoming melodies and ethereal moaning arouse the ears and help portray a complex, sonic narrative which is left up to the imagination of listeners. As a slow broken beat kicks in, the atmosphere changes drastically but a percussive seizure takes us back and forth between the worlds he’s so intricately designed.

The second track is more structurally sound and reinforces the experimental techno labelling he’s been known for since his first Clown & Sunset release. A playful vocal chopping is surely the highlight of the song as the cheerful melody reinforces the change in moods Jaar is experimenting with. Nonetheless, the track can still send the audience into a groovy trance with his signature warm basslines.

The song slowly fades away as the listener has just endured a new 15 minute trip curated by one of the most fascinating artists in the scene today. He’s definitely a result of a truly unique upbringing, and it doesn’t just take experimental beats, aesthetically pleasing graphics and a huge PR team to achieve his notorious status.

The three-dimensional construction of the songs really takes people on a voyage, whether it’s loyal Nicolas Jaar fans or those jumping on the bandwagon. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that his popularity is helping push people’s taste in music by encouraging attention to detail.

Nymphs II is out now on Other People. Click here to buy it.

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