#SundaySoundtrack #29 Bringing You Our Favourite Songs Of The Week

THE #SundaySoundtrack has returned for its 29th edition, and as always we aim to deliver a top list of tunes that we’ve been enjoying this week for you. This week is no different with a variety of tunes perfect Sunday chilling or keeping the party going right through this sunny weekend.

Will Shipley

Asante Phenix – ‘Honey Cocaine’

Outrageously catchy beat, perfect for a Sunday hangover, powerful and soulful vocals combined with some truly inspired writing, ‘Honey Cocaine’ has been happily stuck in my head for the last two weeks! An absolute triumph!

JME – ‘Man Don’t Care feat. Giggs’

Two grime heavyweights combine to great effect to create one of the best tunes on JME’s new album Integrity>. Pure grime through and through, booming bass and catchy synths ‘Man Don’t Care’ reinforces why JME is one of the best around.

Tyler, The Creator – ‘SMUCKERS Feat. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne’

‘SMUCKERS’ comes from Tyler’s newest album CHERRY BOMB which dropped a few weeks ago to both commercial and critical acclaim. ‘SMUCKERS’ has to be one of the cuts off the album, this new Tyler combines perfectly with Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. Both Kanye and Tyler sound immense gliding over the beat with ease, while Yeezy drops one of the best verses he’s done in recent memory. However the big news here has to be Lil’ Wayne who murders this track. Jumping in over the beat switch up to a soul sample boom bap feel, Wayne comes with some classic hilarious word play and that easy flow that just sounds effortless. Perfect Sunday listening!

Nao – ‘Apple Cherry’

Nao, an upcoming British singer, is set to take the world by storm with her 15th February EP – out now! Nao’s brand of chilled electro-pop is gonna be huge, this song is amazing sit back, chill and let all your troubles melt away! Expect a full low down later this week.

Calum Woodger

Glasvegas – ‘Daddy’s Gone’

I could’ve picked any one of the ten songs from the Glasgow four piece’s self titled LP, they’re all equally infectious, poignant and socially important as the next. However, plumping with ‘Daddy’s Gone’ you get a beautiful, emotional indie rock ballad about absent fathers. James Allan weegie whine is especially pain tinged as he sings “I won’t be the lonely one, sitting on my own and sad, a 50 year old reminiscing what I had, forget your da he’s gone!”. Oh did I mention besides being a rockstar, Allan used to be a professional footballer? Hero.

Toby Gebbie

Alex Adair – ‘Make Me Feel Better’

The perfect track for a sunny Sunday. Enjoy the weekend and try not to think about the week ahead. End of the day only five days and it’s the weekend again! It looks like summer has arrived.

Jack McDermott

Cloud Nothings – ‘No Future / No Past’

2012’s Attack On Memory saw Cloud Nothings completely reboot and deliver a record completely unrecognisable in sound to their previous efforts. The first single ‘No Future / No Past’ isn’t by any means an easy listen. The haunting vocals guide the track as it churns through five minutes of unsettling aggression and bursts into a vicious, guitar-heavy climax. Not easy Sunday listening but more than worth the five minutes.

Barney Greenish

Wu Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers’

Recently received a vinyl of this era-defining hip-hop album and have been unable to turn it off. Maybe not your classic revision music but the influential sounds complement economics in a strangely effective pairing.

That’s it from us for another #SundaySoundtrack, let us know what you would make yours!

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