The Nest Presents – HUNDREDS: + Low Steppa + Gotsome + Savage Animal Sounds, 25/04/15

HERE at The Music Brewery we like The Nest. It’s pushing a form of night out that has started to disappear in London – the smaller, darker more intimate nights, that push aside all the bullshit and just give you the DJ, the music and the fans.

As the chaps at The Nest have said HUNDREDS is a

 “Platform to breed and champion new 4/4 talent that we’ve handpicked, without compromising on integrity.”

Low Steppa will headline and has emerged to be one of the most exciting and leading names in what can only be described as bigger, beefier and bassier house music.

Last year he received massive acclaim for his tracks ‘So Real’ and ‘Listen Up’, both exciting and unique in their own way. Being flanked by Bristol based GotSome and Savage Animal Sounds its guaranteed to be a big night tomorrow (25/04) night at The Nest in London.

The event is an 18ickets are £6.50 including booking fee, you’ll be crazy not to grab one.

Available here.

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