#SundaySoundtrack #26

THE #SundaySoundtrack has returned for its 26th edition, and as always we aim to deliver a top list of tunes that we’ve been enjoying this week for you. Please let them help lift those hangover blues and make you forget that Monday is just around the corner or keep the party going for that Sunday funday hype.

Will Shipley

Omi – ‘Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Video Edit)’ Got introduced to this song two ago been on repeat since then. Outrageously catchy song with some cheeky trumpets that is perfect for continuing the party.

Calum Woodger

The Maccabees – ‘Marks To Prove It’ The Maccabees have returned with new material for the first time since their 2012 album Given to the Wild and they still maintain the ethereal tones that washed over said album. The indie swagger of their heyday has returned, but with a heavier, grungier edge.

Pete Sullivan

Showtek – ‘90’s By Nature (ft. MC Ambush)’

This one’s a classic,loud big house mix, with a tinge of future house thrown into the mix. Criticised by some for being too willing to follow the mainstream, it’s nonetheless hard to argue that Showtek hasn’t pulled it off here. With a big bass line and a satisfyingly 90’s themed drop, this one will ‘make you lose your mind’

Sam Karam

George Fitzgerald – ‘Crystallise’

This bad boy was premiered on George Fitzgerald’s FACT mix a while back. Now with the album nearing its release date, the Berlin-based London producer has shared the full track along with a fitting music video to accompany the entrancing dance atmosphere.

Toby Gebbie

Seth Troxler – ‘Love Song’

This is a jumpy, stompy, sexy house track that will bring you out of that ‘Guh’ stage and back to reality. Troxler has big things planned for his sets over the summer – see him at WildLife in Brighton first weekend in June!

Barney Greenish

Kendrick Lamar – ‘i’

Mixed feelings because it’s a very happy track simultaneously juxtaposed with rather sad lyrics. Nevertheless, it’s received serious playtime this week.

Jonah Shipley

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Backseat Freestyle’

I’ve got to take my hat off to Kendrick Lamar; I don’t think I’ve heard such an infectious song in a long time. The beat alone in this song is one of the best levels of production I’ve heard. The sub, the drums, the ride bell, everything fits perfectly. And obviously Kendrick delivers vocally. ‘Goddamn I got bitches, damn I got bitches, damn I got bitches wifey girlfriend and a mistress’ has been looping in my head for a strong week and a half now. Listen, enjoy!

That’s it from us again for another week let us know what you’ve been jamming to this week on Twitter or Facebook!

Team TMB

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