Tyler, The Creator Announces New Album Cherry Bomb, Drops New Video and Launches New App

THE forever young and abrasive Tyler, the Creator, has announced that he will be dropping a new album entitled Cherry Bomb. Not only did he announce the album but also treated us to some new music and some dope visuals.

It’s been a massive 24 hours for Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator, having released brand new app and magazine Golf Media, and then following that up with the huge announcement that his brand new album Cherry Bomb will be dropping next week. More and more details seem to popping up about Cherry Bomb rumoured features from Pharrell, Kanye West and Lil Wayne are set to appear on Tyler’s highly anticipated follow up to Wolf.

Not just the announcement of Cherry Bomb but we were also treated to two new songs, ‘Fucking Young/Perfect’ and ‘Deathcamp’ and a video incorporating both songs today we have truly been blessed by the base god.

The video is another brilliant insight into the mind of Tyler, featuring Tyler starring in a movie about an under-age girl who becomes obsessed with him while he is trying to resist his urge to be with her, all while watching the film in a cinema.

The setting for this is ‘Fucking Young/Perfect feat. Pharrell Williams’ which sounds like somewhat of an evolved sound for Tyler. Lyrically we are talking about more or less the same Tyler covering deep themes but in a comical manner, however the sound feels like a more polished version of what we started to see on Wolf, a step away from the dark brooding sounds to a more upbeat experimental side.

The second half of the video set to ‘Deathcamp’ sees Tyler being thrown out of the cinema and ending up blowing people up with cherry bombs in a Mad Max-esque desert chase. ‘Deathcamp’ has Tyler channelling his inner N.E.R.D from their Fly Or Die period, some heavy yet upbeat guitar chords leading the way for Tyler to once again show why he is one of the most discussed artists around.

Having had Earl Sweatshirt dropping his new album last month, alongside Kendrick Lamar and then releases from Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Drake, Kanye West’s upcoming release and Skepta all dropping albums in 2015, it really is the year of hip-hop.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of the always controversial figure Tyler, the Creator’s new music.

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