Undiscovered: Brighton Funk Rockers Candela

MAKE-UP clad funk rockers Candela are starting to make a lot of noise in the Brighton music scene. After releasing their self-titled debut EP Candela, the five-piece have gone on to support the likes of Demob Happy and sign to The Animal Farm. Candela have now released their second EP Bit On That.

Lead single ‘Mojito’ is fantastically groovy with grating wah-wah guitar from Jorge Sadurni and rasping soulful vocals from Joe Burke-Burrows. Chugging bass from John Wright provides a funky lick as Burke Burrows croons the hook “kick me to the floor, kick me to the floor I’m feeling empty”.

The fantastically named ‘Lucid Latin Ladies (I Want Your Money Not Your Babies)’ makes good use of layered guitar from Sadurni and Mark Abery. With a mockney twang, lead singer Burke-Burrows spits lines like a rap-metal Lily Allen whilst also breaking out into soulful bursts.

‘It Is What It Is’ is a nice mellow EP closer with guitars that battle for dominance as Burke-Burrows wails out “I can’t steal or borrow your heart”.

You can catch Candela on the following dates.

15/04 – The Brunswick, Brighton

15/05 – The Good Ship, London

24/05 – Glastonbudget Festival

If you like what you hear you can check out Candela on social media and buy the Bit On That EP on Bandcamp.


Twitter @CandelaBrighton

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