Let Krafty Kuts And A-Skillz Take You On An Adventure In Beats With Their Huge New Mix!

LONG-TIME collaborators A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts have teamed up once again to bless our ears with a powerful half-hour mix. A classic breaks production from the two UK artists sees 29 glorious minutes of cutting, scratching and mixing together a choice selection of funk, dnb and hip-hop, amongst other genres.

I’ve described how busy A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts’ 2015 looks set to be before, and an ever-growing fan base and global presence must be partially responsible for the 17000+ views that this quality joint-release has gathered in just a couple of days since its release.

This weekend, the pair are performing together in Canada. Closer to home, I’m barely containing my excitement for May 8th, where I see the pair perform, alongside Chinese Man, Featurecast and a whole host of talent, at Motion in Bristol. This set-up by Afterdark and Tremor is going to be huge – watch this space.

A couple of highlights: I really enjoyed the LK Marky – ‘It’s The Way’ sample at 8 minutes in, as well as a heavier dub reggae nearer the end at around 27 minutes.

Recent releases and performances from the duo have seen a greater emphasis placed on music from the heavier end of the spectrum they tend to work in, and this refreshingly light mix was a reminder of how two of the biggest names in breaks can operate over such a wide range.

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