Undiscovered: Glasgow’s Own Two Piece Sensation – VELVETBOMB

TWO piece bands are all the range these days, don’t you know? Brighton’s Royal Blood revived the loud noise rock sound last year with great critical and commercial success, whilst others like Slaves have also been tearing it up. Not forgetting seasoned pros like The Black Keys who have been doing it for years. Now, Glasgow has their own bastions of the duo, VELVETBOMB.

VELVETBOMB’s debut release, single ‘Bullet To The Brain’, is raucous and brooding in equal measures. Distorted guitar, with plenty of feedback, drives the punky track forward with velocity. Accompanied simply by crashing drums, it is an effective sound that is sure to earn the Glasgow duo plenty of admirers in the local scene.

If you like the sound of ‘Bullet To The Brain’ be sure to check the band out on social media and catch them at their upcoming shows.

They are due to play two dates in May in Glasgow at Bar Bloc on the 12th and The Record Factory on the 15th.



Twitter @velvetbomb

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