Undiscovered: Soulful Singer Stealth Set To Take The Charts By Storm

AS we have mentioned many times before, here at The Music Brewery we get sent a lot of music. Some good and some bad. Well today we have an artist who really stands head and shoulders above so many others, we are of course talking about Stealth.

Stealth, a Birmingham native with a big voice, is absolutely destined for the top of the pop world, in my mind it’s just a matter of time. Described in his bio as “Stealth, an insomniac with a flair for music. His dark tone mirrors the nights he spends awake writing moody lyrics and melodies, yet his voice is big enough to wake the dead.” A wholly accurate statement. Stealth, first and foremost has a stunning, powerful and captivating voice that is up there with some of the biggest voices around at the moment.

Despite having only a couple of songs available at the moment, Stealth is really beginning to make a name for himself. He has featured on the BBC Introducing, and provided vocals for drum and bass heavyweights Netsky Vs. Metrik’s new single ‘Can’t Speak’, Stealth has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.

The song that really caught my attention is new single ‘Judgement Day’, an epic yet dark and moody song that really emphasises how good Stealth could be. Comparisons could easily be drawn with both Hozier and Sam Smith, with Stealth’s ability to completely captivate the listener and create memorable lyrics along the way.

With more music on the way from Stealth’s forthcoming EP Intro due for release in May, and upcoming collaborations with top artists such as Roger Sanchez and Nitin Sawhney, the sky is the limit for this amazing singer songwriter.

2015 could really be the year of Stealth.

Give Stealth a listen, let us know what you think, could Stealth really become the next Sam Smith or Hozier? We have a sneaky suspicion he might.

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