Friday Mix: Funk Up Your Friday With The Allergies

IN a fortuitous turn of events, the music Gods this week have delivered a mix that combines two key concepts we strive for here at TMB. Not just a track of the immense quality you have come to expect in the evening of everyone’s favourite day of the week – this one has the added accolade of being fresh off the deck, only released by Jalapeno Records three days ago.

Since forming in 2012, The Allergies – composed of Bristol duo DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat – have released two EPs, a load of remixes and performed all the way from Bestival to Greece. Bringing historic funk influences, personal hip-hop skills and a keen ear for working in vintage sounds for a modern crowd, 2015 looks set to be a busy year, all considering.

Having signed for Jalapeno Records, another EP is on the way. Word on the grapevine is that it will feature US and UK hip-hop artists – definitely something to keep an ear out for as the calendar progresses.

Friday funk fest. Three words, all superb in their own right, quasi-synonymous and bonus points for alliteration. That is something that is not up for debate on this particular article, on this particular blog. Under this premise, this week’s choice should arrive as no surprise.

I will keep the descriptive commentary brief – such glorious funky sounds demand assessment at the individual level and I doubt I could really do it justice. To present a general feel, here’s the funk compilation’s track listing:

1. The Allergies — ‘Be With You’
2. Ephemerals — ‘Call It What You Want’
3. Soopasoul — ‘Funky Hot Grits’
4. The Allergies — ‘Heartbreaker’
5. Quasamodo & The Q Orchestra feat. Thaliah — ‘My Friend Is Blue (Soopasoul Remix)’
6. Boca 45 feat. The Good People — ‘We’re Right Here’
7. Smoove & Turrell — ‘Have Love’
8. Alexia Coley — ‘Beautiful Waste Of Time (Smoove Remix)’
9. Skeewiff — ‘Interlude Dude’

The only qualm I have with The Allergies here is the length of the track – 30 minutes of brilliant mixing of the aforementioned tracks is simply not enough!

To sign off, the thing I most enjoy about listening to it is the distinctly funky sounds – something a lot of breakbeat remixes of funk classics tend to overpower.

Enjoy your Friday!

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