Undiscovered: Nomadic, Orchestral Dream-Pop Artist – JASIA

EARLIER this year, and throughout last year, JASIA, an electronic/indie producer, originally from Jamaica but brought up in the US and now living in Australia, has been dropping some incredible music that the world needs to hear. In the same vain as James Blake or Jamie Woon, JASIA is creating some brilliant experimental music, that is pushing through the boundaries for success set by modern music.

JASIA aka Josiah Willows is really starting to make a name for himself both in his adopted, current homeland of Australia and around the rest of the world. A classically trained vocalist, violinist and guitarist, JASIA is quite the impressive artist combining his classical side with synth heavy, electronic layered music to create what some are calling a new genre of “orchestral dream pop”. A near perfect description of what this nomadic star creates.

Experimental song ‘Lowlife’ shows JASIA’s willingness to experiment and try out new sounds.

His first single ‘Inverbatim’ is perhaps the perfect example of this “orchestral dream pop” genre. Synth heavy production accompanied by strings and some dream-like distant vocals, all layered to create an intense yet chilled hazy summer’s day feel, a perfect song to chill out in the sun to.

The follow up and next single to come from JASIA, ‘Safety’, is in a similar vain to ‘Inverbatim’, it has that electronic feel to the song without actually using much electronic production. The bass guitar and guitar completely steal the show here, the bass riff particularly thumping through. Once again JASIA’s distant quiet vocal style is a delight to listen to. The vocals never overshadow the rest of the song, it feels as though they are just there to supplement the stellar production, never to there to outshine them.

Another bonus point for JASIA is that his music videos are absolutely on point, perfectly matching the tones set by the music, absolute class.

I cannot wait to see what else JASIA has in store for us in the future, and from what we’ve heard I don’t know what to expect. Clearly an immensely talented guy, the sky’s the limit for JASIA. Remember to check JASIA out on:




Make sure to check back with us for further updates on JASIA.

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