The Vaccines Are Back On Form Ahead Of New Album English Graffiti

THE Vaccines latest single ‘Handsome’ looks set to dominate indie airwaves, charts and iPod’s for a long time to come, that is at least until Justin Young and co. release third album English Graffiti.

Everytime I switch on the radio this track seems to seep out raucously.

An octo of “Oh God’s” ring out as The Vaccines mesh the punky, rapid pace of their earlier stuff with the twanging, dreamy, poppy nature of Come Of Age.

The video depicts Young getting into various situations with a range of strange looking Japanese creatures. Some seem to want to fight with the London band, others want to protect them.

Young’s classic themes of self-doubt and self-loathe are prevalent throughout the tune and are as always masked beautifully by a magical indie jangle of guitar and drums.

Fuzzy bass in the breakdown is a nice touch and something different from the four-piece.

Like the video, ‘Handsome’ is just fun, simple indie-pop. It’s what The Vaccines do best. I truly can’t wait for the new album so long as Young has maintained his infectious song-writing throughout.

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