Dizzy Wright Drops ‘Train Your Mind’ From Upcoming Album The Growing Process

Once again proving themselves to be one of the hardest working labels out there, Funk Volume’s Dizzy Wright has just released Train Your Mind’. It is the first single from his forthcoming album The Growing Process.

Showing influence from ’90s era hip-hop with it’s Lo-Fi, sample-based beat and Dizzy’s laid back signature flow present throughout. It seems Dizzy has taken his fame and used it to push forward the message of peace and truth, he has not been shy in admitting that this is his goal.

“Focus on variety, I’m not the new Tupac cos I’m here to do this quietly, But I’m here to shape society.”

– Dizzy Wright, ‘Train Your Mind’

Funk Volume are growing stronger by the day with a consistent stream of work coming from their roster.

Hopsin recently announced forthcoming album Pound Syndrome, pranking hip-hop into thinking he’d quit in the process, and Jarren Benton recently releasing his Slow Motion EP, which has gained him much credibility and recognition since. The only artist not to have released anything for a long while is Swizz, who’s last release Good Morning Swizzle was back in 2011. There are rumours of a new release from him in 2015; although still patient, fans are starting to ask when he will drop a new album.

Dizzy Wright however, seems to be doing everything just right, his work ethic and clear passion for his music can only push him further in the hip-hop scene. Big things are to come from Funk Volume this year, and I for one am looking forward to witnessing their growth.

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