Isn’t It Time We Stopped Caring About Awards Shows?

I’m not sure what’s worse: watching so many grinning, egotistical dickhead pop stars pretend to have a good time or the internet frenzy that follows their gathering. With the Grammys once again causing controversy via Kanye West, Beyoncé, Beck and whoever else, I’m asking the same question I ask myself every awards season: why does anybody care?

I win album of the year,so my album is the best anyone has made this year, yes? But what if you don’t think it is? What if you can’t stand my album and would rather step on a plug whilst barefoot than hear it?

Too bad. It’s still the best because, you see, the Academy deemed it so. They are the law on music round these parts if you haven’t heard and, let me tell you, they know their shit.

Does the Academy try to adhere to some sort of objective idea of what good music should be? Maybe they have a big checklist of desirable qualities in a record and if yours ticks the most boxes, congratulations, you win. Ringo Starr will be here to present you with your award shortly. Maybe not though.

Eddie Vedder pretty much sums it up for me…

I can look down the list of nominees for album of the year right now and tell you that I wouldn’t buy any of them. My tastes lie outside of Grammy Award winning music and if yours do too, that’s fine. Awards shows have a track record of proclaiming excellence where it is thoroughly undeserved. And it’s not just the Grammys – at the 49th Academy Awards Rocky won Best Picture over Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. I think you get my point.

The arts world is far too vast and eclectic to crown individual works and proclaim them superior to others and the root of the problem with Awards shows, such as the Grammys, is that they don’t inhabit that same world. They live in their own sphere where nothing too outlandish, or dare I say interesting, can even get a look in at the window. It’s the only explanation for how short-sighted they are.

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