New Music From Plastikman – EX Club Mixes

In the early ’90s, the legend that is Richie Hawtin took his first steps on the ladder to stardom and success with his Plastikman project. Although over the years he would release music under many monikers (Hard Trax, Jack Master and Concept 1) and start the ever-so-successful Enter. party series at the Ibiza club Space, his Plastikman alias is the most notorious.

His latest full length album under the moniker was called EX, and now he’s released a remix EP with a different musical direction. This time, he’s employed a variety of producers to have their own interpretations.

German DJ legend Dixon was first on the track list, with his ‘Just A Different Mixdown Version’ of the track ‘EXhale’ creating the perfect combination between the vibe of an Innervisions party, namely Lost In A Moment, and the Richie Hawtin aura of minimal techno. Tale of Us took an atmospheric techno track and made it their own, with their signature drums and reverb to create a tune bigger than whatever arena they crush with that remix.

Recondite added a bit of funk to the eerie ‘EXplore’ track, and converted Hawtin’s melodic genius to a more conventional 4/4 club scenario.

Dubfire’s remix of ‘EXposed’ is the most lively, with a frail electro whir pulsating and pushing the tension up throughout the 13 minutes which doesn’t seem enough.

All in all, this remix EP is a more accessible set of renditions of Richie Hawtin’s genius creations which may possibly open people’s minds to the possibility of investigating a more experimental sound in the Plastikman project.

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