New Music From Mark Ronson – ‘Daffodils’ ft. Kevin Parker

Mark Ronson’s list of collaborators is impressively eclectic given the relatively short space of time he’s been floating around at the surface of the industry. It’s hard not to liken him to a sort of musical high school sleaze with a notepad full of previous and potential romantic conquests ranging from the head girl to the scene-kid under the stairs.

His newest release, Uptown Special, plays host to a number of guests from Stevie Wonder to novelist Michael Chabon. The second single from the album introduces us to Ronson in unfamiliar psychedelic territory as he partners up with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker in ‘Daffodils’.

The light panning in the brief intro starts us off in orbit before the infectious funk lick revs up and kick starts the track into a slick groove. Parker’s familiar vocals, dripping in reverb, are a welcome contrast to the strutting lead line. The middle eight teases with some buzzing guitar and threatens to unleash itself into a Lonerism style solo but reels it in, probably for the sake of accessibility. The song swells, eventually having most of the space filled with heavily panned guitar and synth, and hurtles toward the satisfying outro featuring a crunchier version of Parker’s lead riff.

Ronson is hardly a groundbreaking producer but this new album should cement his reputation as a dedicated student of Motown and pop songwriting. ‘Daffodils’ was released today and is a refreshing blend of funk and psychedelia.

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