Undiscovered: The Marlow Brothers

HERE at The Music Brewery we are always on the hunt for new artists who we think everybody should hear. Today is no different with some new music coming from feel-good acoustic two-piece band The Marlow Brothers (comprised of brothers, Freddie and Seb Marlow), a young duo hailing from London, looking to make their mark with their old-school rock inspired tunes.

The Marlow Brothers are a favourite of The Music Brewery whom we covered before, very much in the early days of their development, they’ve only a handful of demos available online. However there is a lot to be excited about, the duo have some clear influences from Oasis and The Beatles, bringing back the old-school rock sound with them.

Lead vocalist Freddie Marlow brings a raspy unique voice to proceedings that is eerily reminiscent of Liam Gallagher in his prime, a real rock-pop voice that initially comes as some what of a surprise. It is the type of voice that you do not come across too often these days, with current pop and chart music going for more R’n’B or rap it is refreshing to hear some young artists mix it up with an older sound. Seb is exactly the same bringing those perfect feel good drums and backing vocals right throughout all their tunes. One of the best attributes The Marlow Brothers possess is their ability to flutter between slower more intimate ballads and the rawness of rocking out and having a good time, this brings me onto what is one of my favourite songs by The Marlow Brothers, ‘KOoKOo’.

‘KOoKOo’ is a delightful tune about life in the city of London and how they want to escape it and just settle down elsewhere with the sweet touch of a woman. This up-tempo rock song brings together simple elements of the guitar, drums and vocals to create a solid song that benefits from it’s simplicity, The Marlow Brothers haven’t tried to do too much, they have stuck to the basics but have done it very well and in my opinion it’s rather nice not listening to a bass heavy song about bitches and money. This again brings me to another strength of The Marlow Brothers, they are talented songwriters who know how to make one hell of a chorus that really hooks you in and doesn’t let go.

One of my other favourite Marlow Brothers’ songs that I had to include is the phenomenal ‘Tramp’. Right from the off this song just sounds like one of their more refined songs, with the duo feeling perfectly in sync just jamming around with a guitar. This song really highlights the quality The Marlow Brothers have, I feel like ‘Tramp’ sounds like an already top artist doing an acoustic song in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Well written, riffs for days and again those raspy unique vocals create a most brilliant concoction.

Regular readers of my articles here on The Music Brewery will know that I am a huge hip-hop fan, it is the genre I love the most and I spend most of my time listening to, however after listening to The Marlow Brothers properly I have found myself addicted. Especially to the choruses which I find myself humming throughout the day. So give The Marlow Brothers a good listen and remember to like and follow them, finally let us know what you think about this raw duo from London.

Twitter @FofMarlow



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